Corporate cards that automate expenses

Get smart virtual and physical cards for your team. Our cards sync with MENA #1 spend management software to control employee expenses.

Issue cards in a click and pay everywhere

that run on Mastercard

Track purchases and view live budgets

Real-time visibility

Track live transactions on desktop and mobile

Flexibility for your team

Assign cards to each team member. Customize individual spend limits

Security and control

Block cards at anytime to avoid misuse

Virtual cards for online subscriptions

  • Create unlimited virtual cards in seconds, free of charge.
  • Start spending immediately using your ‘ready to use’ virtual card.
  • Customise your card spending limits, monthly or per transaction.
  • Lock and unlock your card from your desktop or mobile, in a click.

Physical cards powered by Mastercard

  • Streamline approval flows - approvers only receive what they need to review.
  • Monitor expense sign-offs in real-time and view each transaction’s audit trail.
  • Need some cash? Withdraw money safely at the ATM internationally.
  • Freeze your card from your your desktop or mobile to avoid misuse.

Control spend before it happens

  • Create cards for every team member or every type of spend, your choice!
  • Control monthly spend per card from your desktop or mobile.
  • Set up transaction limits per card from your desktop or mobile.
  • Freeze, block or delete company cards from your desktop or mobile.
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