Set your invoice payments on auto-pilot

Easily collect, approve, pay, and bookkeep every invoice on a single all–in–one platform.

Track purchases and view live budgets

Total visibility

Track purchases and view live budgets

Save time

Automate payments, approval flows, transfers

Slash costs

Click your way to lower international transfer costs

Accelerate book closure

Faster, smarter, integrated bookkeeping

Effortless invoice payments

  • Upload invoices to your dashboard by forwarding an email.
  • Watch your invoice automatically turn into a payment to be approved.
  • Access, review and approve your invoice from desktop or mobile.
  • Track and anticipate your cash inflows and outflows, in real time.

Approvals automated

  • Streamline approval flows - approvers only receive what they need to review.
  • Monitor expense sign-offs in real-time and view each transaction’s audit trail.
  • Stay in control of your upcoming payments.
  • Give your teams ownership of their budgets so they can move faster.

One click to easy payments and better FX rates

  • Centralize all your invoices and pay them in one click.
  • Connect securely to all your banks.
  • Instantly access better FX rates.
  • Follow the payment status of all your invoices.

Beautifully integrated

  • Flawless integration to your accounting software.
  • Close your books twice as fast thanks to our direct integration.
  • Store and access every invoice in one easy app.
  • Enjoy our easy-to-use dashboard.
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