Employees are empowered

With Pemo’s corporate cards, no more spending out-of-pocket or filling out manual expense reports.

Why do employees
choose Pemo?

A. No more manual
expense reports

  • Instantly add receipts and memos to your Pemo account so you’ll never need to submit a manual expense report again.

B. No out-of-pocket spending

  • No more spending on your credit cards or cash and waiting for reimbursements.

С. Own corporate card

  • Spend any time you need with your easy-to-issue corporate cards that have spending limit policies.

D. Easy receipt uploads

  • Submit your receipts by just tapping on the receipt-upload notification as you spend so the finance team isn't chasing you at month-end.

Trusted by industry

To be honest using Pemo is amazing it has easied our daily purchases so much. And the system is also easy to use, which makes it a plus for Pemo.
Kareem Saadieh
Business Analyst, APPRO AE
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