How smart corporate cards can help businesses increase their margins

Pemo has introduced smart corporate cards to help businesses grow their profit margins. Pemo's corporate cards offer innovative features to businesses.

Corporate Cards

June 5, 2023

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Smart corporate cards are valuable financial solutions that go beyond the conventional procedures that traditional cards follow. These innovative tools can help businesses increase their margins through the benefits they provide.

What is a smart corporate card?

A smart corporate card has the features of traditional cards alongside innovative features using the most advanced technologies. 

On ad platforms like Meta, Google, Twitter, Linkedin, TikTok, and others, smart corporate cards can be used to manage media spends for facilitating advertising expenses.

Moreover, these corporate cards offer a smooth and dependable execution of payments as you do not have to worry about card blocking or transactions being declined.

Another major facility that comes with these cards is the ease of incurring necessary expenses without having to follow the traditional procedure of paying directly from one’s account.

Smart corporate cards like the ones Pemo introduced also come with an all-in-one spend management software that automates the entire process of expense management. It centralizes the process and ensures the smooth interoperability of several financial systems.

Importance of increasing margins for businesses

Increasing margins is all about financial stability and business growth. If businesses are able to increase their margins, they can tackle economic fluctuations and unexpected expenses. Along with it, businesses can fuel business growth in the long run by investing in infrastructure, hiring professionals, and bringing more innovation in terms of technology.

Increasing profit margins through corporate cards can be a lot more beneficial for businesses. These cards minimize administrative efforts, offer control over spending and optimize cash flow resulting in increased productivity in less time and enhancing profit margins. You may also have a competitive advantage over other businesses and more secure financial flexibility to tackle risks in the future. 

Why are Pemo’s corporate cards so beneficial to MENA businesses? 

UAE-based Pemo has offered a superlative and all-inclusive solution to MENA businesses. It has put together the conveniences offered by all innovative corporate cards to devise a comprehensive financial solution.

Pemo’s corporate cards empower businesses by incorporating spend management software for automating expenses in an even better way. By doing so, it provides a powerful and centralized system for managing invoices, expenses, and spending decisions without getting into tedious paperwork.

Pemo’s corporate card runs on Visa, a giant among electronic payment networks. It facilitates electronic transactions and makes them more secure. Pemo is offering both virtual and physical Visa-branded cards to be used based on the preference and convenience of the consumer.

How does Pemo’s smart corporate card contribute to margin growth?

Pemo’s cards have a lot of features and benefits which can contribute to increasing profit margin.

  • Cash-back benefit

Pemo offers up to 1% cashback on ad spends having large budgets and 0.5% on medium/small budgets aiding increasing margins by getting money back each month.

  • Automated management

With an innovative management system incorporated by Pemo, these corporate cards have shortened the time consumed by manual work. This way, businesses can have high productivity and growth within a short period. It also reduces the use of manpower and the time taken to hire more people to do manual work which can be prone to human error.

  • Optimization for workload reduction

Manual expense tracking and processing is an expensive process, which is why the spending management system is used to optimize the entire process of managing expenses. The expenditure can be controlled by limiting unnecessary spending and by overseeing the employee’s financial activities. For instance, within the system, you can easily oversee every purchase and determine whether or not it is deemed within company policy.

Also, using the cards per client or per platform can help in having a better monitoring opportunity through live spend reports.

  • Fraud detection and preventing financial losses

The enhanced fraud detection system involves the real-time monitoring of the transactions. This proactive approach adds an additional layer of security against financial losses. Live spend reports contain data about suspicious financial activity related to extra spending which is more than what is required.

With this, the use of the Visa payment service makes Pemo’s card transactions more secure as Visa utilizes a number of tools and technologies to monitor any fraudulent activity related to financial transactions globally.

  • Cost-saving through analyzing data

Data analysis serves as a valuable tool to check the patterns of a business’s financial activities. The real-time visibility offered by Pemo makes it possible to keep track of in which direction the business’s expenses are going and it can be an opportunity to set it right or further improve spending patterns.

By analyzing the spending, businesses can opt for supplier consolidation where they can reduce the number of vendors to just a few only. This can help with increasing profit margin due to minimizing the number of suppliers/vendors which is often part of a company’s top-tier expenses.

  • Provision of unlimited cards

Pemo offers unlimited smart corporate cards per platform, per client, and even per campaign. It results in clarity in reporting and accounting since it becomes easier to manage expenses incurred on specific channels.

  • Integration with accounting systems

Pemo’s cards integrate with the existing accounting systems providing businesses with a smooth flow of data as well as removing manual harmonization. It can enhance the payable process and also maximize operational efficiency.

In addition, the ERP (enterprise resource planning) system provides flawless integration, making the flow of data even more efficient. It works by improving data transfer accuracy between the platform and ERP system, resulting in saving time and resources that could have been spent on manual processes otherwise.

  • Mobile app for even better monitoring

Pemo’s cards come with a user-friendly mobile app to optimize the process of monitoring. It provides real-time tracking of the transactions made by a platform or a single user. This way, businesses can take immediate action.


To sum it up, Pemo is a great way to fortify the financial position of businesses and increase profit margins. All the remarkable features and facilities, especially the cashback benefit of recouping a portion of money from ad spends, are vital to maximizing margins. Also, the secure and cost-saving process of carrying out the expenses through Pemo’s corporate cards can make businesses boost productivity and get long-term benefits by making informed decisions about their businesses.

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