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Corporate Cards

December 11, 2023

5 min read

Shehab Adel

What is a corporate virtual card?

A corporate virtual card is a modern way to manage business expenses efficiently. It's completely online and has all the necessary details like card number, expiration date, and security code for digital transactions.

Today, financial tools like corporate virtual cards provide much of the flexibility needed. These cards provide quick options so that businesses can easily procure new tools or start various projects without delays.

Why are virtual cards important for your business?

Corporate virtual cards help businesses manage their expenses better by keeping track of payments in real-time and making sure transactions are secure. These cards are flexible, letting you set spending limits and tailor them for different needs. Virtual cards work well for global transactions follow spending rules and provide spending habits reports.

Who benefits from corporate virtual cards?

Corporate virtual cards are super handy for many roles in the company because they're flexible and easy to use. Let's see who can benefit from them and how!

1. Finance Managers

Corporate virtual cards help finance managers streamline expense management, making it easier for them to track, control, and optimize spending.

Ex: As a finance manager, Pemo corporate virtual cards empower you to oversee and have complete visibility into the company's expenditures. This grants you full control over the entire spending process.

2. Marketing Teams

Marketing teams benefit from the flexibility of corporate virtual cards, enabling swift execution of campaigns and seamless adaptation to emerging trends.

Ex: As a marketer in an advertising agency, you could manage subscriptions and monthly ad expenses for each of your clients by creating dedicated Pemo virtual cards. Tailor spending limits, track transactions in real-time, and ensure financial control, providing a personalized and secure solution for streamlined client account management.

3. Administrative Staff

Corporate virtual cards simplify the payment process and minimize the risk of errors for smoother day-to-day operations.

Ex: As a staff member in the administrative team in your organization, you could easily report and collect data from the payments happening throughout the day, with no fear of human error because the virtual cards minimize the risk of errors closer to zero.

4. IT Departments

With enhanced security features, corporate virtual cards provide IT departments with a reliable tool to mitigate the risk of fraud and unauthorized transactions.

Ex: As a member of the IT department, corporate virtual cards offer the most secure payment method for handling your subscriptions, tools, and domains. With these cards, you have control over the budget, eliminating the risk of overspending. This ensures that there's no possibility of a subscription charging you more than intended.

How to get one from Pemo?

Ready to simplify your corporate expenses while staying in sync with your plans? Get your hands on a corporate virtual card from Pemo – your key to effortlessly managing business finances with both ease and insight.

  1. Explore the features: Head to the corporate cards page and examine the array of capabilities available. Check the benefits, such as spending thresholds, user management, and software synergies.
  2. Book your demo: Make the most of the digital express lane by applying online. With just a few clicks here, kickstart your journey towards financial adaptability.

In conclusion

Staying ahead in business means leveraging innovative tools that align with your company's needs. Pemo's corporate virtual cards represent just such an innovation, allowing you to streamline processes and focus on what truly matters—growing your business and satisfying your clients.

So as you consider the next steps for your financial management strategies, think about the simplicity and advantages that come with Pemo's corporate virtual cards. It’s an investment in the future—a future where every swipe is smart and secure.

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